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Hunar Foundation§Ó??s key objective is to provide school graduates and other young adults with international standard vocational training that meets the expectations of the market, leading to employment or small business creation §Ó?¡° and eventually economic freedom and empowerment. Hunar Foundation offers this opportunity to the underprivileged and marginalized segments of society where the need is more urgent.

Hunar offers the students a high quality learning environment of international standards. The workshops are well equipped and the courses designed to meet industry requirements.This ensures a high degree of employability for Hunar graduates.

Current Institutes

Working Towards A Skilled Pakistan

Hunar Foundation at present is operating six institutes in Pakistan, and over 4000 young men and women have graduated since 2010. With one more institutes to become operational in 2018, THF plans to increase the number of purpose build 'Institute of excellence' and introduce more Teaching Training Institute across the country by the year 2030,

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